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Unidad Langebio, Cinvestav Irapuato.
Octavio Martínez de la Vega
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From Data to Knowledge

We are interested in the design of methods for gaining biological knowledge from the analysis of high-throughput data, mainly from genomics, transcriptomics and molecular markers.

The philosophy of the group is that biological discovery is preceded, or at least run in parallel, to the design of proper methods of data analysis. This is particularly true now that Biology is flood with quantitative data arising from the new sequencing technologies, microarrays, and other high-troughput technologies. We have worked on methods for the estimation of quantitative trait loci (QTLs), as well as the estimation of genetic diversity using molecular markers, automatic pipelines for processing and analyzing ESTs and more recently RNA-Seq data, algorithms for the assembling and annotation of genomes and the application of Shannon’s information theory to estimate transcriptome and gene properties.

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Updated: June, 2015.

Contact: omartine@langebio.cinvestav.mx